Under the direction of the President, the Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the Chief 学生服务 Officer and is responsible for the overall design, 组织, 交付, 监督, 评价, and fiscal management of a comprehensive student development program charged with promoting and delivering programs and 服务 that enhance student success, 成就, 和保留. These areas include 招生 and 记录, 基本需求, 咨询服务, 金融援助, 学生健康中心, 学生的行为, 第九条合规性, Educational Access Center (DSPS), 梦想家, 青少年寄养服务, bgi的&年代的程序, 学生接触, 第一年经验, 退伍军人资源中心, CalWORKs, 学生参与, 国际学生服务, 学习资源中心/海滩, 学生活动, 辅导中心, 大学转学中心, 就业服务中心, 欢迎中心, and VC东校区 in Santa Paula.


Picture of 摩根大通舒马赫, Vice President of Student Affairs at 澳门皇家赌城在线大学

Vice President of Student Affairs
电话: (805) 289-6113
办公室: 澳门皇家赌城在线ADM-17
政府 Building 澳门皇家赌城在线大学
4667 Telegraph Road, 澳门皇家赌城在线, California 93003


JP Bareng Schumacher serves as the vice president of student affairs at 澳门皇家赌城在线大学.  His career in student affairs administration started at the University of California, 在洛杉矶待了四年.  After graduate school, he transitioned to work at the California community colleges.  JP has worked for California community colleges for nearly a decade, most recently serving as a division dean at Foothill College.  Over the course of his 13 years in administration, JP has had the privilege of partnering with faculty, 工作人员, 学生, 管理员, and the community to develop student-centered, equity-minded项目, 服务, 和政策.  Nearly every role of JP’s has been focused on increasing college access and student success as well as enhancing the student experience for historically marginalized populations.

JP knows firsthand the promise of a community college education.  His mother went back to school in her mid-40s with the goal of becoming a nurse and stabilizing her family’s struggling finances.  When his mom graduated with honors from the El Camino College nursing program, her family’s lives were forever changed for the better.  JP went to El Camino College himself, graduating with an Associate of Arts in Psychology from El Camino College before transferring to the University of California, 洛杉矶.  He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and later received his Master of Public 政府 from the University of Laverne.

JP’s approach to leadership is collaborative and student-centered, shaped by his experiences as a queer, 多民族的个人, 并以种族平等为基础, 人类, 以及社会公正.  The way to his brain is heady discussions on current events and critical student development theories.  The way to his heart is a good laugh paired with well-crafted maple donuts and a cup of coffee. 

Tisa Medrano

电话: (805) 289-6131


Tisa joined 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 in March 2019 as an Office Assistant and has supported the 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 Executive Team since August 2020. She is a proud first-generation college student and 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 alumni, Class of 2020! She is continuing her educational goals at California Lutheran University and will graduate with her M.A. in 咨询 and College Student Personnel in December 2025. Her passion is to give back to a community that has fostered so much growth in her own academic goals and help the next generation of 学生. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.   


Dean of 学生服务 (Vacant)

Student Affairs at 澳门皇家赌城在线大学


部门. 位置 电话
招生 & 记录 SSC (805) 289-6457
基本需求 BCS (805) 289-6583
CalWORKs CSC (805) 289-6003
职业中心 SSC (805) 289-6411
咨询 SSC (805) 289-6448
学生服务主任 SSC (805) 289-6455

残疾学生计划 & 服务/教育援助中心

SSC (805) 289-6300
扩展机会计划 & 服务 bgi的 (805) 289-6302
金融援助 BCS (805) 289-6369
大一经历 BCS (805) 289-6438
国际学生 CSC (805) 289-6182
学习资源中心/海滩 荣誉奖 (805) 289-6320
台面 SCI (805) 289-6337
Mental Health and Personal Wellbeing 咨询 人体自燃 (805) 289-6346
学生活动 & 俱乐部 CSC (805) 289-6487
学生的行为 CSC (805) 553-4152
学生健康中心 人体自燃 (805) 289-6346
学生接触 CSC (805) 289-6154
转移中心 SSC (805) 289-6473
辅导中心 荣誉奖 (805) 289-6026
澳门皇家赌城在线大学 East Campus (Santa Paula) 957 Faulkner Road, 106, Santa Paula (805)289-6100
退伍军人资源中心 CSC (805) 289-6060
Vice President for Student Affairs ADM-17 (805) 289-
“指南针”迎宾中心 SSC (805) 289-6420